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Rev Festus Adeyeye stands as a guiding light at the helm of Abundant Life Christian Center (ALCC), a flourishing ministry rooted in Brooklyn, New York where he currently serves as the Founder and the General Overseer. With branches weaving throughout the globe including the urban landscapes of the Bronx and Long Island, stretching across borders to Houston, Monrovia, Lagos, and Toronto. His three-decade-long ministry is a testament to a life devoted to spiritual awakening, community building, and global outreach.

Renowned for his dynamic preaching and profound prophetic insights, Pastor Festus delivers the word of God with a clarity and passion that speaks directly to the heart. His teachings, imbued with a deep prophetic unction, are known for their life-transforming power, guiding believers to breakthroughs in faith and personal growth. The hallmark of his ministry, the “Breakthrough Anointing,” has liberated countless individuals from the shackles of despair, illuminating paths to spiritual and personal empowerment.

Pastor Festus’s commitment to education and leadership is evident in his academic achievements, holding prestigious degrees: Doctorate in Ministry and Masters in Organizational Leadership. His passion for knowledge extends beyond his own learning, as he actively fosters educational programs within the church, including leadership institutes and bible colleges aimed at equipping the next generation of ministry leaders.

A prolific author, Pastor Festus has enriched the literary world with his profound insights on faith and discipleship. His bibliography includes impactful works such as “A Practical Guide to Christian Discipleship,” “Pathways to Breakthrough,” “Building An Unbreakable Marriage,” and “The Unfailing Power of Hope,” among others. Each book serves as a beacon for those navigating the complexities of faith, offering guidance and wisdom for a fulfilling spiritual journey.

Beyond the pulpit and the page, Pastor Festus is a mentor and visionary, shaping the future of ministry through his leadership in various organizations dedicated to empowering church leaders worldwide. His role as the founder and president of initiatives like the Possessing the Nations Ministerial Association (PTNMA) and the Abundant Life Bible Institute (ALBI) underscores his commitment to nurturing a global community of faith leaders.

At the core of Pastor Festus’s life is his family, with his beloved wife, Dr. Anthonia, by his side in both life and ministry. Their partnership exemplifies the love and unity that ALCC seeks to instill in its community, serving as a living testament to the power of faith and commitment.